Building My Dream Business

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I am a purpose driven person. I find enjoyment in doing things that give a benefit or creates something useful. Being my own boss and creating a business to share my experience with others has been a dream of mine for many years. My dream business offers more than a price tag. Being a good example and providing encouragement to live a purposeful life through simple goal oriented activities would be the first steps. I would also like to merge my faith into this business, in both word and deed. I see this as something that will serve both the faithful and others who may find it easier to digest this information with less visible signs of my faith filled messages.


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Even though I began being a stay at home mom as I was awaited for the birth of my first child, doing some form of work to generate an income was always on my mind. I sold Tupperware, Avon, Longaberger baskets and craft items during the first 8 years of my daughter’s life. I have a variety of interests, some I am more versed in than others, and I am a learner, doer and can coach someone interested in learning for themselves. The unique part of my value to others, is that I know what it means to be solely dependent on myself for the majority of my needs and don’t fluff up frugal as an idea but a clear necessity. Independently working out a system that is a benefit to anyone at any point of their journey through life would be another foundational step.

You might be wondering why I tried so many different things. Making an income from any of them had one thing missing, I needed to find something to do that didn’t need a babysitter and still be able to create a business that let’s me be at home when I need to be present. First and foremost, I am a mother, this requires flexibility in everything I do.

Musing Mom Media was created to fill my need to work for myself and be able to help others find their way to being a mom and make money. My kids are very talented and I hope they will be able to benefit from this venture. I know how much we are pulled in many directions by our instincts and society. Finding time, money and resources to move a business forward can be a daunting task. Due to a lack of money and resources I had to put this dream on hold. I would like it to go more quickly but the barriers slow down my progress.It has been a dream of mine to share my ideas and thoughts, things I’ve learned and a place to give and share others stories and talents. We are amazing in our own right, Every one of us holds an attribute that needs nurtured to thrive.

I would like to share my talents with others that are interested in gaining or growing themselves, with guidance tailored to the individual, as much as possible. my dream business encourages personal development through learning and can offer more than one way of doing things. This could all be provided over the internet as a goal driven program and works at the other persons own pace. Often, people are looking for someone to provide what they need or do it for them. Some of the people who could benefit or find this useful may be in the same situation I was in when my kids were small. Or don’t have a lot of money for start-up costs. Expensive conferences, content and coaching may be out of reach for them, too.

Along with this business I would sell and promote products that I have used, created or review. I would sell items or services through both affiliate and my own creations. They would be reasonably priced to be affordable to any income level. Also, free items on several levels would be available for the DIY person to tailor these things to their own needs. Sometimes people need to create their own dependence for themselves. They might want some feedback and some of this can be shared freely as long as it doesn’t require added work for me. My time would be reasonably priced. My goal is to help more people. Padding my bank account doesn’t fit into this goal. Profits are the result, not the goal. Doing my job well will offer profit in many ways.

Being a value to others in living a purposeful life through my dream business can hold many possibilities. Are you looking to start a business? No matter what it is let me know. I would like to help you find the things necessary to become more independent. Learning by example is a fulfilling and purposeful way to start.

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What Do Shakira – Zumba – Instagram Have in Common?

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13 Tips to Budget Wise Spending

I have become better at watching what I spend and where, by researching products, finding when the sales rotate and what is the most I want to pay for any given product. I get a great feeling when I save money. The $75 boots that I only paid $25 for after the first of the year. Seasonal merchandise that can be picked up the day after the holiday for half off and save it for next year. All the little savings add up to big savings when you plan ahead.

Retailers are in the business of selling.

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Find Big Savings When You Stop These 4 Money Drains

Every Little Bit of Savings Adds Up

Getting started can be frustrating, but living on a budget improves financial freedom. When we look at our expenses and see the bills we’re paying it can be very discouraging. What about all those little expenses we incur? Have you ever tracked them? You might be surprised to find out the totals. These 4 money drains are key to finding big savings.

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Budgeting & Low to Low-Middle Income

All my life I have lived on the low side of everything. From low normal blood pressure and blood sugar to low and low middle-income. When I write and share information about money, budgets and shopping, it will be from someone whose been just above the poverty line and stuck in a hole to being on the edge of improving my families finances for the future.

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#DoveMirror on the Wall…

We all have experienced the self conscience thoughts as we look in the mirror, whether to a large or small degree. I know I’ve had mixed responses with my own reflection. Happy, sad, angry, glowing and so on.


Do you smile at yourself when you are being silly? Maybe the new look you just got at the beauty salon makes you feel pretty. Whatever it is, remember to love who yourself. Be Happy, Be Joyful, Be at Peace!

#DoveMirror wants to focus on the positive and is asking, “What Makes You Smile?” during a Twitter Party being held tomorrow.

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